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Why fly with Premier Virtual Airlines

Premier Virtual Airlines offers you the most realistic and up-to-the-minute real-world flight schedules to book, fly and track from your home simulator. You can also fly custom IFR charter flights of fly and get credit for VFR flights.

With integrated Simbrief dispatching and API data pulling information from worldwide leaders in schedules and flight plans, you can fly with ultimate realism while interacting with like-minded peers sharing the amazing hobby of avation, airline operations and flight simulation.

We officially launched in September 2021, but are still in the process of adding new features and realism every day. We offer free and premium membership at $10 a month which, along with helping defer costs of running such a large scale worldwide real-time & real-world schedule search integration, gives additional bonuses and perks while operating flights, offers custom IFR Charter flights, VFR flights and much more! Try it out today for free with no obligation.

optimised Custom & Professional Experience

Premier VA is custom coded in-house, developed from scratch and constantly updated to be lightweight, fast and secure for MSFS, P3D/FSX and X-Plane.

optimised Live & Real World Schedules

Using live flight data APIs, you can book and fly accurate real-world schedules. Integrated SimBrief dispatching allows you to use the latest AIRAC cycles and file the real-world route plan.

optimised Integrated Dispatching

All IFR Flights leverage a tight custom integration with Simbrief and pulls real-world flight information to give you the most realistic flight release information and experience when flying.

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